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Gary and I  just took a quick trip to the house. What an absolutely outstanding and gorgeous job you have done with all the selections. To say I am pleased is an understatement!  It is spectacular and everything goes together beautifully.


It is my pleasure to write this letter about my experience with Cathy Stark of C. Stark design Inc. Cathy has been with us from the beginning of this two-year endeavor and has been exceptionally responsive to our needs from the conceptual design to our move-in in early April. We were exposed to a multitude of professionals and trade contractors during the past two years and Cathy was able to relate with and work with every one of them. As our Interior Designer, Cathy assisted in floor plan development, furniture layout, and specification of all floor, wall and ceiling treatments. She worked hand in hand with our Lighting Designer to assure that the correct ambiance was achieved and she selected all decorative light fixtures. Her ability to design/select our furniture has made the house what it is.

From Start to finish, Cathy remained attentive to the project and our needs

Cathy has been the most consistently reliable and responsive contractor we have dealt with. Cathy was one of the few contractors that could meet a schedule. We communicated our wants and she correctly interpreted our style making selections that were on the mark the first try nearly every time. On any occasion that she and I made selections together, she was attentive to comments I made and focused on the task at hand. Not only were these shopping trips productive, but also I had great fun, like shopping with a good friend.

My husband and I feel that we have achieved our goal of a comfortable and warm feeling home. We could not have done it without Cathy’s talent and guidance. I am trying to stretch out the remaining decorating items so that I don’t have to give her up! It has been a fun learning experience for me.

I am happy to recommend Cathy and willing to accept calls, should you need more information.

Truly, Jeanne

I am writing this to express our appreciation for everything you did to make the construction of our home a successful and wonderful experience.

From the very beginning or our association you demonstrated all the qualities we needed and wanted in a designer for our home. You listened to what we wanted and made sure the house became what we would love and most of all what we would be comfortable living in.

The fact that you were so knowledgeable in the building process was immensely helpful. You were there for the superintendent and project manager when they needed you and your expertise was much appreciated by them and us. Your great working relationship with the architect and contractor was so important in the whole process. It was difficult for us to be at such a distance during the construction but we always had confidence in you to know what needed to be done. Timely purchases and the installation of products was an extremely important task that you orchestrated superbly.

Most of all I enjoyed the friendship we developed. It was through this that we were able to work so well together. I hope you will feel free to call anytime and bring your clients over to see your work or just come over to re-connect. I know I will call on you for future help.

Thanks again for a magnificent job, well done!

Sincerely, Vi and Glenn

The house and your work is fantastic. We could not be happier.

Thanks for the great effort, Gary

Thinking about my first time experience yesterday with Tour for Life and how delightful it was, I found it to be extremely informative as a Interior Design student. The Rural Mediterranean home that I was stationed in was absolutely beautiful. You did a phenomenal job with the interior and I see how your acuteness to scale, texture and color create a warm and inviting environment. It seems to me that your two year investment into this project was 100% worth it.

It was great meeting both you, and Scott Edwards. Observing both of you throughout the day and your vast knowledge of the industry as well as your desire to give back to the community is enlightening. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to volunteer and work with you and all the other talented colleagues that were apart of this fabulous event.

As I look over your web site, I am so impressed with you and your history within the fine arts realm. I have to agree that your design experience shows that, as you state on your web bio, “your commonalities are understated elegance, appropriate detailing and an overall feeling of comfort.”

Reading the testimonials really solidified the fact that you are known as a great listener, reliable, dependable and a pleasure to work with. I also like the fact that you work as a team with builders and architects to create these integrated environments. This is a immense interest of mine as well.

Sincerely, Cindi

I finally sat down with my February issue of Phoenix Home & Garden. While looking through I came upon a house that drew me in. It was a place that I would love to live in.

I read the article….It was your interior design!

Congratulations on having this beautiful project published.

Thanks, Bob

“The fact that Cathy is so knowledgeable in the building process was immensely helpful.
Your great working relationship with the architect and contractor was so important in the whole process.

Most of all I enjoyed the friendship we developed. It was through this that we were able to work so well together.”

Vi and Glenn

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